Words Unsaid (in Progress)

What do you think of when you see a crumpled piece of paper? Should it be thrown away? What does it contain...a love letter, angry words, precious information?

This is my chasing and repousse piece for my Camouflage project...so many times we think to say something to someone else, but think better of it, and throw the thought away. Perhaps it is words of love, or anger, etc. There are many reasons to discard those thoughts and emotions, but they never really disappear.

This piece reflects on the permanence of those emotions and thoughts, even when they are crumpled up to be thrown away.

These are in-progress shots...on the back side of the piece (it's a brooch) will be a pocket containing a necklace that has quotes on it that I have tried to throw away, yet they always remain in my memory.



  1. Why thank you Sara! It's quite a bit more crumpled now, and I'm on the finishing phases...getting the pin findings all on the back and fitting the necklace into the pocket. It's due tomorrow...eek!


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